Hong Kong, China - Rotam Invents Unique Packaging “Protect Dosage”

Hong Kong, China, 22 November 2016 – Rotam’s Protect DosageTM is a brand-new innovative packaging system that ensures farmers and sprayer operators safely apply an accurate dosage of herbicide to sprayer tanks whilst reducing point source contamination. Its unique design is also being well-received by farmers and independent crop consultants alike, for its safe and innovative attributes.

Protect DosageTM features a unique button design that works hand-in-hand with Rotam’s screw-top measuring device, allowing users to avoid direct contact with the product during measurement and application. The design of the widely-respected measuring device has been developed further with its tapered end and needle, ensuring improved accuracy when measuring herbicide.

“We are committed to continually improving the way farmers and sprayer operators accurately measure Rotam products, in a way that is easy to use”, said Paul Savage, Rotam’s European Marketing Manager. “Protect DosageTM is our brand-new innovative packaging system that significantly reduces the chance of point source contamination, making measurement and application safer and easier.”


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