Hong Kong, China - Rotam Formed Emerging Areas to Sustain the Global Fastest Evolving

Hong Kong, China, 29 April 2016 – Rotam has announced the formation of new strategic area, Emerging Areas, it consists of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Asia Pacific (AP), excluding China, India, Taiwan and Japan. The change is to support an increase in activity in these countries in line with the global market development strategy of Rotam. This will enhance the efficiency in resources allocation within the company in these high potential and developing markets.

Jean Michel Duhamel
Chief Commercial Officer

This change will help to increase the efficiency for human resources allocation, operations support, regulatory resource level and agronomic technology transfer from one country to another since they are facing the similar problems in pest, plant diseases and weed dynamics. “We have created a data structure capable of predictive modeling that would allow agronomic trends from a particular country to another. Emerging Areas fit well for this technology transfer and speed up the market penetration effectively. We see the high potential and lots of room for growth among Emerging Areas. That’s how we keep evolving,” explains Jean Michel Duhamel, Chief Commercial Officer.

“Emerging Areas include those countries relatively new but highly potential to Rotam. SSA is one of the emerging areas we had a view to expand for some time. As the biggest market in SSA, we aim to develop South Africa by applying the knowledge, network and experience learnt from Kenya and other East Africa markets where Rotam is well established and combine this with a newly registered South Africa portfolio,” states Danny Shen, Senior Manager, Emerging Areas. Danny is experienced in crop protection market for over 15 years.

“After years of experience in the AP region, we understand the farmers’ needs and can help them to tackle the problems of local pests, weeds and disease through delivery of a range of cost effective solutions. For instance, Rotam will be one of the very few foreign companies in Korea having a broad product portfolio with more than 20 registrations. Our expertise on rice in China can apply to Thailand, Indonesia and India facing similar crop dynamics, where we have known how to direct the next generation of products needed to solve specific agronomic challenges. ” He is confident that Rotam can take a significant step forward in these areas.

Danny Shen
Senior Manager, Emerging Areas


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