Hong Kong, China - Rotam Sales up 21% in Fiscal 2014

Hong Kong, China, 23 April 2015 – Rotam Global AgroSciences Limited continues its growth momentum as it announces the financial results of its fiscal year from 1st of January 2014 to 31thDecember 2014. Sales increased by USD 60.7 million to USD 352.6 million. This was up by 21% compared to the corresponding period last year. This is against an estimated growth of 4.5%* in the global conventional crop protection market in the same period. While the Company outperformed the market in every region, the business has also been focused on adding value to its portfolio of products, though using its leadership position in some molecules, building on its strengths in R&D, manufacturing, independent regulatory positions and strong customer relationships.  It continues to invest in the long term sustainable growth, innovating the offer to its customers and developing attractive solutions to its end users, the farmers.


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Rotam China sales have continued to progress due to the consolidation of existing product positions, focus on crop solutions and increased market penetration. Financial results were also improved by price management as well as third party products performing better than expectation.

NAFTA region enhanced last year performance due to its ability to supply Dicamba in a tight supply market, favorable weather in spring and increasing demand for glyphosate resistance management programs. The company started the first sales of an innovative insecticide mixture for top fruits (ObeliskTM) and kept growing its market share in cereals herbicides.

Latin America showed remarkable results across the 3 key regions. Despite the challenging economic environment, Argentina sales increased over 50% compared with the previous year.  The increment is due to the successful launch of an innovative fungicide mixture on wheat and outstanding sales performance of insecticides due to the favorable weather. In Brazil, Rotam continued to expand, based on the established insecticide portfolio and new chemistry in sugar cane, as well as extensive growth of customer base in the corn segment. In Latin America North, difficulties in Colombia market were offset by outstanding performance in Ecuador with expansion of client base, product offering and continued growth in Venezuela supported by new registrations.

The progression of Rotam in Europe came from the sales recovery in the European fungicides and herbicides from last year’s unseasonably poor weather conditions affecting field crops in general, also from strengthening its leading position in Abamectin. The balanced spread of sales among European countries and continuous growth of Rotam market share in corn herbicide segment, offset the delay in registrations.

Rotam Global AgroSciences Limited will continue to widen its geographical scope, finding ways to minimize the slowdown in the regulatory process in some regions and look to innovative solutions to maximize growth and value. This will provide the platform for its continued growth and ability to outperform the market.

*Source: The Agrochemical Market in 2014. (2015). AgriFutura, (No. 185), Philips McDougall.



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