Hong Kong, China - Methomyl Product Life Cycle Continues with Rotam

Hong Kong, China, 2 May 2014 – Rotam Argentina has successfully registered a new carbamate product - Rotashock®.  Rotashock® is composed of 216g/l of methomyl in an innovative soluble liquid formulation (SL). It is ranked as yellow labeled in Argentina or class II according to WHO 2009’s classification. This benefits growers from most of the Rotashock® properties (i.e. fast and knock down effect on a large number of pests at different stage) in provinces and horticultural programs where red label have been already prohibited. Rotashock® will enlarge the existing insecticide portfolio of Rotam Argentina and prolong the life cycle of methomyl based product of the company which already commercialized as a 900g/kg solid formulation.




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