Hong Kong, China - Rotam in Full Suport of UNICEF Charity Run 2012

Rotam in Full Support of UNICEF Charity Run 2012 

Group photo of participants

Hong Kong, China, 26 November 2012 – Rotam Agrochemical Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Rotam”) upholds the principle of enriching the lives of human beings. Our staff has actively made unwavering contribution to the community with their biotechnological expertise, and even participated in various social activities. Apart from sponsoring various youth programs (such as the rugby game which it holds every year), Rotam also encouraged its staff to participate in different charity activities like “UNICEF Charity Run 2012”with an aim of jointly promoting the campaign of “Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS” for the building of a beautiful and healthy living environment for the masters of our future.

Rotam has always attached top priority to the welfare of our next generation. In advancing crop protection through our commitment to excellence through innovation of post-patent products, we aim to provide more powerful, cleaner and superior crop protection solutions that satisfy the worlds demand for enhancement of food and living quality, has brought forth excellent and safety food to children in over 60 countries.

In this event we had 12 members participating.  All participants shared the same vision of raising funds for the children in need through actions.

Mr Gene A. Serdoncillo from Philippines

Participants’ Feedbacks:

Gene Alaba Serdoncillo: “I have trained with the whole team over three months for this charity run. Apart from keeping fit, we have also built a good team spirit. Most importantly, it is very meaningful to help the children in need.” 





 Ms Louise Wong from Hong Kong


Louise Wong: “I have decided not to join any races after the half marathon in Shanghai in 2000. However, when I received an invitation from the initiator, Paula (Legal Officer, Corporate), it revived my fighting heart and decided to participate. Although I could not finish the race in the best time because of my leg injury, I am proud to say that I have made it at the end for the children in need. I must thank my team for their support, and I hope to take part in this activity with them in the coming year.”



Adhering to the principle of “serving people” all over the world, Rotam through giving care and support to the people in need. Further, in view of building up a team spirit among colleagues, as well as promoting a culture of helping others, Rotam has also encouraged its staff to join charitable activities.  

Notes to Editors:

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