London, UK - Guard Against Late Season Disease

Guard Against Late Season Disease

London, UK, April 19, 2012 - A prudent but robust T3 approach that guards against late season disease without demanding a top bracket price tag is likely to be a popular strategy this season, according to Rotam technical manager James Anderdon

“Strong grain prices justify investment in flag leaf sprays,” he says. “But changeable crop conditions, following a dry first quarter in some areas, may mean yield potential is variable also. A robust triazole solution is therefore going to have widespread appeal,” believes James. 

He adds that choices made at T2 will have influenced T3 decisions.

“Those who went on with a strong T2 fungicide will be looking to hone in with a Fusarium targeted ear spray, complemented by a ‘catch-all’ T3 to bolster control of key foliar diseases.

“And for those who, at T2, responded to low disease pressure with cheaper alternatives are now striving to sustain and prolong protection against foliar disease species.”

James maintains that whichever the strategy, tebuconazole, from the triazole group of fungicides remains a robust choice, however conditions develop going forward.

“If warm temperatures are met with rain then extended fungicide protection at T3 will be essential, particularly for Septoria nodorum control. Meanwhile Fusarium species remain a threat.

“Wet weather during flowering and grain formation brings the higher risk of infection, although the disease can spread under drier conditions, with heavy dew alone being enough to spread the mycotoxin causing inoculum,” he warns.

“In this context, Tebuconazole’s activity ratings make positive reading for this spray timing – rated as ‘very good’ against Septoria nodorum and ear blight and ‘excellent’ against yellow and brown rust.

“And the Odin formulation also offers tremendous value. Trials show efficacy performance on a par with other tebuconazole brands whilst also delivering successful suppression of mycotoxins, yet treatment cost is around 30% less compared to the leading triazole brands. There is a wide range of tank mix options.

“It’s an attractive treatment against all target species within the disease complex at a time when growers are looking to maximise grain fill and achieve cleaner harvested grain samples,” concludes James.


A T3 approach that guards against late season disease without demanding a top bracket price tag is likely to be a popular strategy this season, believes Rotam’s James Anderdon.



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