Shanghai, China - The 2012 International HR Conference

The 2012 International HR Conference

The Group Photo Shooting.

Shanghai, China, May 26, 2012 – The 2012 International HR Conference was held in Rotam’s Kunshan campus from 23 - 25 May 2012. It is the first HR conference and one of the most important events in Rotam after it is listed, bringing together a group of 25 Human Resources professional and 75 managers across the regions to share valuable HR perspectives, best practices and insights on dealing with Human Resources issues.  This conference has been designed for management to synchronize HR practices, values and concepts, so that every one is on the same page, communicating in the same HR language, collaborating as One team, valuing our employees through one voice, thus leading to the theme of   “One Voice, One HR”. 

Rotam's HR Professionals participate for sharing various HR values among cultural difference within the group.

Different topics are covered in the 3-day conference, ranging from the evolution of HR to the current role of Human Resources Partner, and the HR tools such as Job Description, Performance Management and Talent Management. HR Risk Management and HR compliance are included to understand and minimize the current risk in different areas such as recruitment, compensation and benefit (C&B), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and termination.  Apart from the above HR related topics, we have included the Benchmarking to cover the continuous process of measuring products, services, and practices against other companies, and the Cultural Awareness to have more understanding about the cultural difference across different regions.  We also have the honour to invite our Independent Director, Mr. Neville Chang, to present and share his experience in the topic of work life balance.  

During the conference, the Management has stated the importance of partnership role between HR and the line managers.  While HR Business Partner adds values by providing customized HR strategy to meet the business needs of different regions / department, the line managers are also the “HR Manager” to work hand in hand with HR to attract and retain our talents.  To achieve this, the regional presentations are covered in the conference so that every region can present the focus of business, HR challenge and priorities to the rest of the team.  There is also a discussion forum which all the participants had the opportunities to shares their ideas, thoughts, expectation and challenges they are facing. These comprehensive presentation and fruitful discussion allow the HR team to work on the HR strategy to further meet the business needs.

The positive feedback from participants further drive our seasoned team to provide strategic HR strategy to meet the business needs of different regions. 

Mr. Alvaro Carizares, Colombia comments for the conference.

“Great conference. It shows Rotam values its people “ – Alvaro Carizares, Colombia

“It  has been  a good opportunity for me to know deeply what the HR department are thinking for the development of the people in the future” - Guillermo Galante, Argentina

“It sets a new standard not only in Rotam conferences, but more importantly further develops a common Rotam company culture, professional standards and understanding.” – Garth Drury, Europe


The 3-day conference ended with the magic journey – a team building activity was held in Suzhou, a beautiful city with sunshine.



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