Hong Kong, China - Rotam Global Regulatory Team Held First Conference in Kunshan, China

Rotam Global Regulatory Team Held First Conference in Kunshan, China 

Hong Kong, China, June 2, 2011 - Capping a decade of extraordinary achievements, Rotam begins a new era of strategic global integration with its first Global Regulatory Conference in Kunshan, China. Only a stone’s throw away from Shanghai, Rotam’s Kunshan campus hosted the group of over 40 professionals from around the world. This corporate wide conference not only demonstrated the extensive global presence of Rotam but also showcased one of its most treasured core assets – dedicated professionals. The conference was a resounding success with delegates from all corners of the world sharing their experience, expertise and ideas, inspiring and learning from each other. The conference also offered an opportunity to display how Rotam’s global reach, specialized know-how and technical synergies can create value and deliver results for the company and its customers. 

Rotam’s regulatory professionals have been instrumental in expanding its registration portfolio from 48 in the year 2000 to 769 by 2011. The number of registration professionals has doubled in the last three years and they will continue to play a pivotal role in meeting the ambitious goal of increasing the level of registrations by around 75 % by 2013.

As a wholly in-house run conference, the quality of presentations, posters and workshops illustrated the impressive depth and breadth of Rotam’s regulatory team. In his message to colleagues attending the conference, CEO James Bristow aptly characterized Rotam’s regulatory organization as “Best in Class.” Indeed, the Regional Registration Manager for Southern Latin America Jose Pimenta de Padua expressed absolute confidence that the Rotam regulatory team will be established as reference for regulatory agencies around the world. As Executive Chairman Mark Lu pointed out, Rotam consistently invests around 10% - 12% of its turnover in capital expenditure, with the majority going to registration and R&D. This level of consistent and continuing emphasis in R&D and intellectual property (IP) makes Rotam uniquely  responsive and adaptive to fast changing market environments and especially  competitive in the industry.

Rotam is committed to growing together with the customers it serves through post patent technology and registration. Our IP, business development and R&D teams work tirelessly together to develop proprietary and innovative solutions that can be transformed into advanced and effective products. Our competitiveness is based firmly on the success of this strategy.

Garth Drury, conference facilitator and Head of Global Regulatory and Government Affairs, summed up Rotam’s strategic regulatory approach and strengths: 

We have clearly-structured, forward looking five-year plans for new product development from patent expiry to market launch. Our network of international experts has a thorough understanding of crop protection regulations in our existing and potential new markets. This is crucial to successful product registration and it gives us a clear advantage in more exacting environments such as the US, Brazil and the EU. 

Notes to Editors:

Rotam CropSciences is a fast-growing, international organisation with its key business focus in Crop Protection Products. Conducting fully integrated research and development, global registration, manufacturing, marketing and technical support on a worldwide basis, Rotam operates in over 60 countries, including the major agricultural markets of the EU, Brazil and NAFTA.   

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