London, UK - Chinese innovation delivering for AF

Chinese innovation delivering for AF

London, UK, April, 2011 - China is now big business for industries at the cutting edge of science and technology – and the agricultural industry is no exception – as global agrochemical company Rotam is proving.

As an innovative and young Canadian company Rotam is taking advantage of the fast emerging and growing Chinese economy by investing heavily in technology and new facilities in the country. They are now reaping the benefits and are emerging as a rapidly growing firm within the crop protection industry with a range of reliable and good value fungicide and herbicide solutions.

 “The high levels of sophistication that Chinese manufacturing offers allows us to produce high quality and high performance products at an affordable price,” says Paul Savage of Rotam.  “China may have once been associated only with the production of low cost, inferior or counterfeit materials, but the nation has rapidly developed and now delivers cutting edge science-based solutions for a global market, which has been key to Rotam’s development and success.” 

Paul explains how Rotam take off-patent crop protection chemistry, with a scope for innovation, and extend the appeal to develop more powerful products. R&D is therefore a fundamental part of their business. “We have made considerable investment into research and development which has allowed us to innovate and develop a new generation of agricultural products.

“At our base in China, we have impressive, new manufacturing facilities and analytical labs,” he continues. “This is simply something which could not have achieved on the same scale in the western world which still typically uses dated facilities that are twenty to thirty years old.

“Our modern facilities allow us to reach high standards of quality throughout the process of product development right through to delivery, with stringent quality control measures at every level.”

However Rotam do not rely solely on lab testing to prove the efficacy of their products. They also recognise the importance of field testing where the final products will be used to ensure consistent performance. “We have invested heavily in UK crop trials to ensure our products live up to their claims locally and work in practice,” says Paul.  “This is also backed up by a strong UK technical support, which combined, ensures the highest level of efficacy on farm.”

Rotam offers a range of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and following heavy investment into new product registration there are a number of new and exciting products in the pipeline and due for release in the early autumn.

Rotam produces high quality and high performance products at an affordable price

Rotam produces high quality and high performance products at an affordable price.

Light leaf spot spreads

A problem once confined to Scotland and the North, farmers UK wide are now being urged to be vigilant for light leaf spot on oilseed rape as the season’s forward crops take off.

Rotam’s James Anderdon points to the latest Rothamsted Research ‘risk forecast’ that predicts that East Anglia will see 19% of crops affected in the 2010/2011 season, a significant rise from 2007 where just 5% of crops were affected. And with yield losses due to light leaf spot reported at 1.5t/ha, growers cannot afford to risk losses with prices now so buoyant.

James notes that with oilseed rape crops forward for the time of year and with day length now extending, crops are rapidly producing new leaves vulnerable to light leaf spot infection. Any prevailing cool, wet conditions could still favour disease development.

Rotam’s range of tebuconazole fungicides provide reliable and cost effective light leaf spot control in oilseed rape and should be applied when symptoms are evident on 25% or more plants.