As the key upstream link on the research and development of crop protection products, synthetic chemistry covers all stages of active ingredient registration, formulation development and commercialization. It includes four key areas of work, as follows:

Active Ingredient Registration

Identifying impurity structure and synthesizing impurity standards according to the active ingredient synthetic route to support global registration work of active ingredients.

Cooperative Development with Active Ingredient Suppliers

Co-developing with the sourcing team to ensure commercialized active ingredients from suppliers are in compliance with regulations and of stable quality.

Formulation Adaptability of Active Ingredient

Cooperating with the formulation development team to study the physical and chemical properties of active ingredients to ensure the active ingredients are adaptable to the formulation.

Process Route

Expanding the diversified supply of active ingredients by supporting branch companies in developing active ingredient synthesis technology and process routes.



Analytical chemistry covers the whole process of R&D, and works closely with registration and manufacturing. It includes three key areas of work, as follows:

Methods and Standards

Ensuring product quality and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises by standardizing product technical specifications and analytical methods.

Competing Product Research

Assisting R&D to improve product performance and enhance product competitiveness through reverse or normal analysis of competing products.

Research and Analysis

Undertaking quality analysis and research of the developed products to meet the quality requirements of the R&D and registration departments.



Formulation development at Rotam is at the core of our research & development activities and efforts. The development approach encompasses the following four fundamental areas:

Product Excellence

Ensuring our products achieve optimum results in terms of efficacy, crop safety, penetration, absorption in the plant tissue, rain fastness, etc., via multi-level researches.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring all solvents, adjuvants and inert materials to be used in the formulation are among the approved list of substances for intended use globally.

Environmentally Friendly

Ensuring the materials we use are environmentally friendly, sustainable and green to reduce our impact on users and the environment, and committing to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Freedom to Operate

Ensuring we do not infringe upon anyone's patent or intellectual property while continuously striving for our own proprietary developments.

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