Plant Nutrition & Seed Treatment

Dedicated in providing the best solution to farmers for agricultural practices, Rotam has developed its proprietary Plant Nutrition products.

seed treatment

Plant Nutrients

Our nutrients help plants thrive through increasing the number of nutrients in the soil, which increases plant health. Plant Nutrition products are more than providing enough mineral elements to plants; they help tune plants to make them stronger, more nutritious, and enhance yield. We offer slow, controlled-release products, organic and inorganic nutrient products, and micronutrient products that will ensure maximum agronomic efficiency.



Rotam provides a wide range of unique Biostimulants, based on a variety of functional substances and combinations that generate great results when applied in small doses. These products are designed to address specific crop physiological needs or abiotic stresses by promoting growth and development of plants that are adapted to target crops.


Seed Treatment

Reaching the full potential of the seed is essential for farming, and farmers must invest in high technology seeds that need to be protected with adequate molecules in a state-of-the-art formulation. Rotam is able to offer alternative Seed Treatment solutions mainly composed of insecticides and fungicides to express the full value of maize, sugar cane, vegetables, cereals and many other crops seeds.

More Information About Rotam

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