Rotam and Falco™ bring an innovative and unique option to canola growers. An advanced non-transgenic breeding system produces precise and predictable plant traits in Falco™ canola. When combined with Rotam’s specific SU formula, Draft™ herbicide, our system can't be beat. For growers, this means faster results and higher yields.

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ROTRASAT, formed between ROTAM and GEOSAT, supports the development of a generation of intelligent agriculture with space technology. The combination of the industry-leading UAV and image processing technology of GEOSAT, along with the global agriculture expertise of ROTAM, provides integrated agriculture solutions. Our partnership aims to help growers manage their farms in the most cost-efficient way.

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JRB Packaging

Founded in 1995 , Jiangsu Rotam Boxmore Packaging Co., Ltd. (JRB) has state-of-the-art blow-moulding equipment from Krupp (Germany). JRB uses the patented "in-line fluorination" technology to produce a wide range of fluorinated HDPE containers and complete packaging solutions for chemicals.

The partnership with JRB helps to offer well-designed, award-winning product packaging for Rotam products distributed around the world.