Rotam UK Engages Customers with New Crop Protection Solutions App

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Hong Kong, 10 March 2021 - Rotam UK has launched a new mobile application on Android and Apple platforms that offers users personalized insight into the most suitable product choices for their crops. The app provides in-field support to customers via a query-based search system that enables them to identify the most effective Rotam herbicide products to counter specific weeds present in their crops.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses around the world. To engage and provide responsive support to customers, Rotam UK team introduced a free app that can offer insight and information of our products including labels, application rates, other key information and advice on best use. All information within the app, once downloaded, is accessible without phone or Wi-Fi signal. New updates or messages from Rotam will be pushed to the app the next time when the device is connected to the Internet. This is useful for farmers on the countryside, in particular, as they have ready access to Rotam product information from the mobile device they carry along in the field.


“The new app is part of our total commitment to UK farmers and agronomists,” said Nigel Last, Rotam Commercial and Marketing Manager (UK, Ireland, Nordics & Baltics). “We want to provide a service and a level of support that better suit our customer needs. The app has been developed so farmers and agronomists can quickly and easily get details of our products that are best suited to their crops and the weed issues experiencing in the field. In four clicks, they can see the cereal or maize herbicide solutions such as BOUDHA, ERGON and HIATUS that are specific to their issues – and all can be accessed in the field regardless of phone signal.”


Rotam has been providing British farmers and independent agronomists with high-quality products with excellent formulations since 2010. Those who have been using our herbicides or fungicides over the last decade put trust in us to deliver the infield performance they need – and the competitiveness they require. Such initiative of using the app demonstrates our commitment to giving customers the best technical support. With its success, the app will be introduced further to other regions to support more customers.


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