Rotam Launches New Insecticide With Unique Formulation in Brazil

Hong Kong, 5 October 2021 – Rotam has launched BAZUKA DUO, a new insecticide that combines two powerful molecules to offer efficient control of pests to the Brazilian market.


BAZUKA DUO is a highly versatile product to control the pest complex, especially caterpillars of the genus, Spodoptera, and stink bugs. It is proven effective in controlling eggs, nymphs and adults. The formulation combining bifenthrin and methomyl can provide a synergistic effect for immediate control of insects and reducing re-infestation. It can be applied conveniently at any stage of the registered crops. In addition, its liquid EC formulation is easy to handle and has no odor.


In a trial conducted at experimental farm in the state of São Paulo during the 2019/20 season, the application of BAZUKA DUO killed 100% of hatched eggs of the brown stink bug, Euschistus heros, after eight days of spraying. Within eight days, 93% of eggs hatched in the control, while the best result of a competing product was 17% dead eggs.


Another experiment was carried out in the state of Mato Grosso by MT Foundation during the 2019/20 season to evaluate product effectiveness in controlling Euschistus heros on soybean. The results showed that 12 days after the second application of BAZUKA DUO, nymph control was 94.3%, while treatment with a competing product was 88.6%.


The total number of insects per square meter 15 days after the second application of the new product was 1.6 bugs, while the control already had more than 7 adults. The research also counted the number of bags of soy per hectare and the weight of a thousand seeds. With the use of BAZUKA DUO, production was 6% more than a competing product, and 17% more than the control.


“A major goal of Rotam is to make life easier for farmers by launching a single product that can control stink bugs and caterpillars,” said Andre Barabach, an agronomist and also Portfolio Manager, Rotam Brazil. “Stink bugs have direct impact on crop yield, pods and grains. In a scenario involving high pest pressure, it is important to use a high-performance product such as BAZUKA DUO to secure crop productivity,” Barabach added.


BAZUKA DUO is another solution to control “agricultural system caterpillars” such as Helicoverpa armigera, Chrysodeixis includens and Spodoptera eridania that feed on various crops. Research conducted in Mato Grosso evaluated efficiency of the new product against Helicoverpa caterpillar on soybean during the 2019/20 season. At 14 days after the second application, the mortality rate was 100%.


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