Rotam CropSciences Announces the Launch of Kypros in Brazil

Hong Kong, 4 March 2021 – Rotam CropSciences Limited, a global company in technological solutions for agriculture, has announced the launch in Brazil of an unprecedented technology that will make the chemical element, copper, available for a prolonged period to crops. As a result, plants will gain enhanced defenses and become more resistant to major diseases.


Tamara Ribeiro Silva, Rotam Research & Development Coordinator said, “In addition to nutrition, there is preventive action against major diseases affecting main crops. This technology enables the expansion of a product’s area of operation, not only on the surface, such as the case with protective fungicides, but also within the cell tissue of plants.”


Kypros, which is 100% water-soluble, does not create deposits and does not clog sieves and nozzles. In addition, it is possible to apply it during all crop stages without causing phytotoxicity, even in the most sensitive phases. Due to this technology, significantly smaller amounts of copper are used compared to the oxides and hydroxides currently on the market. “With Kypros, the outcomes are the non-toxic concentration and the possibility of application during all phenological stages of plant growth,” Silva added.


Kypros is one of the most active forms of copper in solutions with a pH below 5, while the other forms of the chemical element lose their activity at lower pHs. The new product can be used in all pH ranges and be combined with most fungicides and insecticides on the market. Copper is available in Kypros in its biologically active form.


“Traditional copper formulations are mostly unavailable to plants because they are of particle sizes that prevent their penetration into tissue through stomata and other natural openings present in leaves, as well as through the cell wall,” Silva explained.


Kypros using in the soybean crop cycle at appropriate stage showed excellent results in productivity. For instance, in an application program including Kypros the soybean yield obtained 64.2 bags per hectare while the control was 53.9, almost 11 more bags per ha. “This gain in production makes a big difference in the financial returns of producers, who will gain healthier and more productive crops,” said Cristiane Delic, Marketing Manager, Rotam Brazil & Argentina.



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