James Bristow

Chief Executive Officer & Member of the Board of Directors

Subu K. Subramanian

Chief Operating Officer

William Yuen

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas E. Chavez

Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Communications

John Li

Senior Director, Global Human Resources

Prabhakar Kumar

Director, Research & Development, Regulatory and Business Development

Jimmy Lu

Director, Global Manufacturing, Tolling, Quality, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Gavin Wyborn

Director, IT, Corporate Planning, Projects & Operations


Sebastian Gentile

Country Manager, Rotam Argentina

Gabriel Picosse

Country Manager, Rotam Brazil

Bond Sun

Vice President and General Manager, Rotam Kunshan

Murat Dobooglu

Regional Head, Rotam EMME (Europe, Maghreb & Middle East)

Carlos Saavedra

Regional Head, Rotam Latin America North, Chile & Bolivia

Octavio Andrade Castro

Country Manager, Rotam Mexico

Thomas E. Chavez

Regional Head, Rotam NAFTA (USA, Canada and Mexico)

Danny Shen

Senior Manager, Rotam Emerging Areas

Ray Lu

Head of Rotam Taiwan and Director, Taiwan Manufacturing & International Tolling

Steve Slaveck

Senior Country Manager, Rotam Canada

Prabhakar Kumar

Regional Head, Rotam South Asia and Taiwan


We develop long-term strategic relationships with customers for mutual benefit. We invest to grow, to embrace new technology and to support our customers.