Formulation development at Rotam is at the core of our research & development activities and efforts. The development approach encompasses the four fundamental areas as:

1. Agronomic Excellence

  • To ensure our products have the optimum result in terms of efficacy, crop safety, penetration, and absorption in the plant tissue, rain fastness, etc.

2. Regulatory Compliance

  • To ensure all the solvents, adjuvants, inert system to be used in the formulation are among the approved list of substances for intended use globally.

3. Environment Friendly

  • To ensure we use best possible solvents and adjuvants systems that are classified as greener solvents and have minimum impact on our environment.

4. Freedom to Operate

  • To ensure we do not infringe upon anyone's patent and intellectual property while continuously striving for our own proprietary developments.


Principle & process of formulation development at Rotam_R1


Rotam Flazasulfuron video - persistent foam 2020_04_03