Our Commitment to Developing Effective and Safe Products Globally


Our research and development teams carry out trials globally in a wide range of relevant climates and cropping areas. They have in-depth knowledge of national and international standards and regulatory requirements and are dedicated to utilizing the latest technology to develop accurate biological data to support product development, high efficacy, and crop safety.


Our R&D Capabilities Include:


  • Rotam Research Lab (RRL): The first German-Certified GLP Laboratory for Crop Protection in China
  • Process Chemistry Department (PCD)
  • Solutions Department (SOD)
  • International Research and Development Center
  • Formulation Development Group (FDG)
  • Analytical Chemistry Department (ACD)
  • Rotam Innovative Technology Centre (RITC)


Our work in the field transforms our ideas, knowledge and experience into safe, reliable and effective products for use on your farm. We understand that regulatory requirements differ, so our experienced team will listen to your specific requests and provide you with a tailored study plan of trials and reports to match your requirements. We are committed to ongoing research that will deliver innovative products to help you grow and protect your crops and tackle future environmental challenges with confidence.






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