Ecotoxicology : Environmental Toxicity Studies on Aquatic and Terrestrial Organisms


Ecotoxicology studies are performed to assess the environmetal impact of different contaminants on the ecosystem. Rotam offers ecotoxicological studies with aquatic and terrestrial test systems in accordance with various regulatory guidelines.


Aquatic studies

  • Algal growth inhibition test
  • Lemna growth inhibition test
  • Daphnia magna
    • Acute immobilization
    • Reproduction
  • Fish toxicity
    • Acute
    • Juvenile growth


Terrestrial studies

  • Honey bee
    • Acute oral
    • Acute contact
    • Toxicity of residues on foliage
  • Earthworm
    • Acute
    • Reproduction
  • Myriophyllum
  • Avian short-term dietary
  • Avian acute oral
  • Parasite
  • Predator
  • Silkworm
  • Soil nitrogen transformation test
  • Soil carbon transformation test


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