Our Commitment to Developing Effective and Safe Products Globally

We offer a collection of tests on target efficacy and crop safety, with research spanning product design, formulation development, product promotion and life-cycle management.

The main work includes:

Preliminary Development
  • Enriching our product line and sharpening our competitive edge with a market-driven and high-value product portfolio.

Formulation Testing
  • Conducting screening in collaboration with formulation development, to better understand product features through efficacy and crop safety test, and ensure products play the best efficacy and least product risks.

Product Positioning Research
  • Ensuring Rotam products have good market advantages and values by conducting various studies between our products and reference products, and accurately positioning our own products.

Bioassay Data Normalization
  • Ensuring bioassay data are scientific, authentic and accurate by following the national standards (GB) and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) standards.

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