Rotam is Launching TukenTM (Diflufenican 50WG) in Argentina

Rotam is Launching TukenTM (Diflufenican 50WG) in Argentina   

Hong Kong, China, 30 August 2013 – Rotam Argentina has obtained the registration of TukenTM, diflufenican 500g/kg WG to control at 100g/ha to 300g/ha broadleaf weeds in chemical fallow, sunflower and pastures in early applications. TukenTM can be applied in mixture with RometriTM, Rotam metribuzin herbicide, to allow a broader control of weeds in chemical fallow. 

With the launching of TukenTM ROTAM is entering in a very important segment of the Argentine herbicides market and is working on additional project to provide effective and flexible solutions to the growers. 




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